Our Canceled Trips 2020 & How Many Trips A Year We Usually Do

How many trips a year were you making before covid? ✈️

We usually tried to make it into at least four countries a year with some sort of a concept. Every year we traveled to the one new country for both of us, to the one Aon hasn’t been, to the one Lan hasn’t been, and then one flashback country we traveled together already.

In 2020 we only had a flashback trip which we cut in half to be able to get back to Thailand on the last possible flight from Luang Prabang, Laos. We later planned to visit Malaysia (we both haven’t been), Cambodia (Aon ❌), and Australia (Lan ❌). Plus there was an idea for another flashback trip to Vietnam

But instead, we finally have time to catch up with friends, explore new for us provinces in Thailand, and spend some time in new places around Bangkok. Not too bad, right?

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