5 Things We Have Learned From Each Other

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What interesting things have you learned from your partner or travel buddy?

Why should a relationship mean settling down? Wait for someone who won’t let life escape you, who’ll challenge you and drive you towards your dreams. Someone spontaneous who you can get lost in the world with. A relationship, with the right person, is a release, not a restriction.

– Beau Taplin

So we have all heard if you want to get to know someone travel with them, spend time and go through all the ups and downs of a real trip… And we don’t mean the stress of where we will get our ice coffee in the morning. But spending the time in-between all the glamorous views and exhilarating pictures. And if you still laugh and have fun and feel the love you know that the person next to you is special.

5 things I have learned from Aon:

  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
  2. Show your feelings
  3. Stay open and don’t close yourself off
  4. Respect each other’s interests.
  5. Learn to compromise

5 things I have learned from Lan:

  1. There’s no such thing as winning an argument.
  2. Encourage growth and change
  3. Worry less about the future and focus on the present
  4. It takes more than love to make a relationship work.
  5. Learn to go with the flow

We are still discovering and the best parts are the new things we learn from each other the good, weird, and funny.

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