10 Best Things To Do On A Rainy Day While Traveling

What’s the best way to spend a rainy day?

But first, you want a joke? Sometimes we are asked how many seasons are there in Thailand and the answer is two, very hot and hot with rain.

Usually, the hottest months are in April and May, and in July the rainy season begins. The most annoying thing happens when we plan our trips, but we cannot explore the places due to weather conditions. So we started to have a backup plan B in case of rain and we are ready to share some of our go-to ideas when it’s pouring down.

We’ve prepared this post with Bangkok in our mind, but you can easily adapt these ideas to almost any city with a bit of help from Google.

10 Best Things To Do On A Rainy Day While Traveling:

1) Interesting museum or art gallery

Thailand has many great museums from contemporary art to museums for agricultural projects. Always keep one or two museums in mind when you travel. If you don’t really know where to start, in Bangkok we love BAAC and Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA BANGKOK).

2) Cozy coffee shops

In Thailand, we love to visit cozy coffee shops, so if the rain caught you by surprise, you can always find a cafe to relax, take pictures or just enjoy a cup of coffee.

3) Thai cooking class

Ever dreamed of learning how to cook spicy Thai food? One of the best rainy day activities you can think of!

4) The cinema

Going to the cinema may not be the most original idea when traveling, but in Thailand, you can not only watch a movie but also experience something new! For example, Thai cinemas play the country’s anthem, during which all stand up to show respect.

5) Bowling or skating

Do you miss bowling or ice skating? Thailand has it all! Not to say that we often use these options, but I’m sure someone might find it useful. Especially if you want to live out your 80s dream date. You can find both options in downtown shopping mall centralwOrld, which also has incredible view over the city from… a food-court!

6) Karaoke bar

Although karaoke is not exactly a Thai thing and we are not necessarily fans of singing karaoke (because we sing in the car, LOL), but there are a few places in Bangkok we had a lot of fun. As many karaoke bars in Thailand are often difficult to find for most tourists, we can recommend two options:

Telephone Pub & Restaurant: the oldest gay bar in Bangkok has karaoke bar upstairs. Silom Soi 4 classic!

R&B Karaoke & Restaurant: private rooms with the different themes in the chick down-town area of Bangkok: Thong Lor and Sathorn.

7) Shopping

Thailand is perfect for shopping! We often leave a shopping day without a specific day to use in case of a rainy day.

8) Massage or spa

Who doesn’t love a good massage? There are many different spas in Thailand ranging from exclusive treatments to very affordable Thai massage. You can even find massage shops in the local markets. Prices usually start at $5 (150 baht) for an hour but don’t forget to tip. Usually, we go to more affordable parlors, but tip generously.

9) Explore local cuisines

We love food! Therefore, when we do not know what to do with ourselves, we just google restaurants in which we can try something new or unique.

10) Cuddle time at the hotel

Sometimes we just hang out at the hotel when it rains! We especially liked the glamping, during which we just lay down and cuddle, looked at the mountains, and listen to the rain.

Not the most original list, but we hope some of you might find these ideas useful! Tell us, how do you spend your rainy days when traveling?

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