Our Unplanned Trip To The Stunning Temple Wat Phutthaisawan (Ayutthaya, Thailand)

Did you ever go on an unplanned trip? What is the best spontaneous trip you’ve ever been on?

Our most interesting adventures always happen by accident. Once we just went for a massage near our home, after we randomly decided on a spontaneous trip to Ayutthaya. This ancient city has always amazed us with its temples and this time we remembered one place that we saw from a riverside restaurant during our previous trip.

As it turned out, the temple that we saw is called Wat Phutthaisawan. Additionally, to its rich history, this place also appears frequently on television series in Thailand. Are you ready for an adventure? Let’s go!

Wat Phutthaisawan is a very important temple in the Ayutthaya period with over 660 years oh history. The place, however, is still perfect, beautiful, and worth it to visit.

During the late Ayutthaya period, Wat Phutthaisawan is also a place for two important crematoriums, the first time in the reign of King Thaisawan in 1715, Krom Luang Yothatip Thiwongkhat at the palace beside Wat Phutthaisawan. There has been a Royal Meru of gold built according to the tradition of this temple, the second time in the reign of King Borom Rachathirat I.

In the Rattanakosin period, there were records referring to Wat Phutthaisawan many times. This temple was established as a third-class royal monastery as well.

The most outstanding thing in Wat Phutthaisawan is “Phra Mahathat” or the white-colored main prang. It was designed in Khmer architecture style. Isn’t this temple just stunning? We definitely recommend you to visit this place one day!

📍 Location: Pin On Google Maps
🏠 Address: Moo 8 15 Samphao Lom, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, 13000
🕒 Hours: 8AM – 5PM

На Русском

Самые интересные наши приключения всегда происходят случайно. Однажды мы спонтанно решили отправиться в Аюттхаю. Этот древний город всегда поражал нас своими храмами, и на этот раз мы вспомнили одно место, которое видели из прибрежного ресторана во время нашей предыдущей поездки.

Как оказалось, храм, который мы видели, называется Wat Phutthaisawan. Помимо своей богатой истории, это место также часто мелькает в тайских телесериалах.

Ват Пхуттхайсаван – очень важный храм в Аюттхае с более чем 660-летней историей. Однако это место по-прежнему интересное, завораживающее и его стоит посетить.

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