DIY Canvas Cake Painting and Unusual Coffee at Fun Cafe Bangkok

Today we are going to try to wake up our inner artist at Fun Cafe Bangkok. You may hear the name as there is the hostel with the same name which is located at the same building. With a complete renovation and new concept, Fun Cafe Bangkok has recently reopened its doors for all coffee shop lovers.

There are more than 50 drinks and snacks on the menu with some fun creative coffee items, signature desserts, and a variety of food. Sounds intriguing? Let’s explore this new Bangkok cafe together!

Signature DIY Fun Canvas Cake

We especially liked the idea of their signature Fun Canvas Cake. The barista brings you a big piece of white cake that has 3 layers of flavors: strawberry, passion fruit, and lemon. It serves with a brush, natural-colored creams, and vibrant sea salt to decorate your exclusive cake. Extra decoration elements brought more flavor and taste while you eat it, so we enjoyed not just the process of decorating but eating as well.


We came to Fun Cafe Bangkok a bit hungry, so we decided to share three meals. There is fusion European-Thai cuisines, as well as a rice menu. We tried Spaghetti Shrimp Paste Garlic, Spaghetti Carbonara, and Soft Omelette with Bacon on Rice. We liked all three dishes, especially the taste of Spaghetti Shrimp Paste Garlic! We will order it again when we visit next time.

We also had the Premium Matcha Mousse that has a smooth taste of green tea. There are also many other dessert options available. They all looked very delicious but we decided to try them next time.

Our food order at Fun Cafe Bangkok was:

  • Spaghetti Shrimp Paste Garlic
  • Spaghetti Carbonara
  • Soft Omelette with Bacon on Rice
  • Premium Matcha Mousse (dessert)
  • Fun Canvas Cake (dessert)

Signature Coffee, Tea, and Drinks

The coffee market in Bangkok is overcrowded, so every cafe tries to surprise its visitors with unusual combinations and tastes. We love trying different coffees, so we felt excited to have a new drink tasting. We tried the original signature coffee Orange Wake Me Up and Cherry Splash, as well as Iced Americano and Iced Latte. The coffee drinks had a balanced refreshing taste with just a perfect coffee flavor.

We loved the presentation and the original taste of the coffee so much that we also decided to try non-coffee drinks. We ordered Mixed Berry Blossom, Choco-Mint, and Premium Matcha Milk. We were delighted with the presentation and taste.

Our drinks order at Fun Cafe Bangkok was:

  • Orange Wake Me Up (espresso, vanilla, mojito mint)
  • Cherry Splash (espresso, cherry, coke, cotton candy)
  • Mixed Berry Blossom (strawberry, blueberry, lemon, elderflower, mojito mint & soda)
  • Choco-Mint (chocolate, milk, peppermint)
  • Premium Matcha Milk

Day Dream and Night Dream

During Day Dream, the entire Fun Cafe Bangkok is illuminated with white light to make it easier for visitors to take minimalistic pictures for Instagram. During Night Dream, which starts at 6 pm, Fun Cafe Bangkok is illuminated with red lighting. In addition to the lights, the music changes, but the visitor can still enjoy food, drinks, and a relaxing atmosphere.

DayDream Hours from 10 AM till 5.30 PM
Night Dream Hours from 6 PM till 10 PM

Anyone who is looking to experience a new kind of cafe, come over to have some fun at Fun Cafe Bangkok! We just like how you can come here for your regular coffee hoping as well as to have some fun cake activities with an unusual coffee tasting.

Fun Cafe Bangkok is located near MRT Hua Lamphong Station, Exit 1.

📍 Location:
🏠 Address: 413,6-7 Mahaphruttharam Rd. Maha Phruttharam, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500
🕒 Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM (Closed on Tuesday)
☎️ Phone: 064-192-9193

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