Escaping Globalization and Learning About Local Culture at Mueang Pon Village (Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand)

Would you be able to live in a village? Or maybe some of you have already lived?

In Thailand, there are many different forms of tourism. Recently, we constantly want to travel to quiet local towns and villages. We even think that it has a lot to do with our age – we are both over 30. We love how very kind and welcoming everyone is when we visit local villages.

Like in this photo! When we arrived at Ban Muang Pon, the locals decided to teach us how to collect rice and honestly, it was so interesting 🌾 At first we did not think that we would succeed, but they explained and showed us everything very clearly!

Ban Muang Pon located in Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son Province. The majority of the population are people of the Tai Yai or Shan peoples. They are living a simple life, farming, cultivating, gardening, although some things changed according to globalization. But this village still has strong traditions. And maintain the identity of how friendly and nice Thai people can be.

We loved the idea of Ban Muang Pon as they made the tourism activities to be self-sufficient income for the community people. Along with allowing the community to preserve the good nature, traditions, and culture of their people so that they are not lost.

By the way, in this village, we also managed to try to cook a local snack, which we were delighted with, and we were also taught to weave local patterns from straw.

We tried to make a local treat as we shortly mentioned. A local grandmother from the village taught us how to cook this snack from rice, and also explained how to eat it. She was so kind to us and gave everyone a chance to participate in the creation.

On this day, we managed to see so many interesting things! Immediately after we had prepared a local snack and enjoyed it, we went to the local grandfather to learn how to weave local patterns from straw. He turned out to be a real professional, and we, city tourists, could only watch how quickly and efficiently he weaves hats and baskets.

A little more and we will become local Thai men, buy a house in the village, and start rural life. However, every time we think so, we remember that Lan is afraid of any snakes, and Aon is afraid of any insects and in general… everything. Not sure if we really can survive.

If you Interested to visit, you can ask for more information at the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Mae Hong Son Office Tel. 0-5361-2982 or Tourism Group by Ban Pon Community Tel. 08-2162 0459

📍 Location:
🏠 Address: Khun Yuam District, in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand

В последнее время нас постоянно хочется ездить в тихие местные городки и посёлки. Мы даже думаем, что это очень связано с нашим возрастом – мы оба за 30. Нам нравится, как все очень добры и приветливы, когда мы приезжаем в местные деревушки.

Как на этом фото! Когда мы приехали, местные жители решили научить нас собирать рис и честно, это было так интересно 🌾 Сначала мы не думали, что у нас получиться, но нас объяснили и показали все очень четко!

Кстати, в этой деревне мы также успели попробовать приготовить местную закуску, от которой мы остались в восторге, а также нас научили плести местные узоры из соломы. Ещё чуть-чуть и мы станем настоящими тайскими дядьками, купим дом в деревне и начнём сельскую жизнь. И каждый раз мы так думаем, мы вспоминаем, что Лан боится любых змей, а Аон боится любых насекомых и вообще всего…

А вы бы смогли жить в деревне? Или может некоторые из вас уже успели пожить?

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