Lazy Days On The Tien Beach And Chilling At The Tiennara Resort (Koh Lan, Thailand)

Do you like lazy days? Or do you feel guilty about them?

Before our New Year’s trip to Koh Kood, which we wrote about yesterday, we managed to enjoy a few absolutely lazy days on our beloved Koh Lan island! Although this island is very popular among Bangkok folks, we know a few hidden-gem beaches that usually have just a few visitors. At the end of December, we ran away from the hustle and bustle of the city to one of the beaches that we found on our previous trip. Just as we thought, we managed to spend time without people and found this new cute spot as well.

On our last trip to Koh Lan, and we’ve been here four times already, we rode a motorcycle and explored the island. At that time, we found a huge empty beach where we enjoyed a bottle of wine and a spectacular sunset. And when we were choosing a peaceful place for a few days this time, we remembered that there is an old hotel on this beach. Even though the price for a small room was rather high, we decided it was worth it because of the privacy and booked three nights.

Upon arrival, we discovered that a new hotel had opened on this beach. When we looked for hotels, this place was not on the internet. As it turned out, this place opened just a month ago and everything was booked a month in advance. However, for a fee, we could settle on sun loungers, order cocktails, beer and coffee, and food from a nearby restaurant.

We spent the whole day at this beach club! And besides us, there were only two other couples – and by a strange coincidence, one couple was heterosexual, and the other was lesbian. And all three of us were interracial couples as well. Such cool diversity!

Without a plan, we just enjoyed the white sand beach and the crystal clear water for four days! This time it seemed to us that we had gone too far with laziness, but this is since we tried to limit contact with people as much as possible.

Аfter such a great vacation, now we are again in a crisis and at least the next month we will be at home. The beginning of this year turned out to be very stressful for Thailand, there are a lot of new cases and the situation is only getting worse. But we hope that everything will be fine very soon and we can enjoy sunny lazy days on the beach again!

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