11 Things You Don’t Have To Feel Guilty About

Confidence isn’t “I believe I won’t fail”, but rather “… Even if I do fail, I will be fine”.

We don’t know who needs to read this today, but we prepared for you a list of the things you don’t need to feel guilty about!

  1. Leaving a job that drains the life out of you
  2. Declining a phone call
  3. Doing what’s best for you despite what others think or say
  4. Saying ‘no’ to others
  5. Sleeping in
  6. Asking for your needs to be met
  7. Your dreams and aspirations
  8. Your spiritual beliefs
  9. Removing someone from your life
  10. Spending money on something you want
  11. Taking a break from social media

We ourselves have read such lists hundreds of times, but each one forgets one or the other. We love making posts because they help us stay on track better and we think someone will really need to read this today! Are you agree? Anything to add to this list?

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