Why Every LGBTQ+ Couple Should Start a Couplegram

Under the gay umbrella, with social media especially, it’s so hard to be seen sometimes as anything else but gay. And as a proud LGBTQ couple, we are proud to say we are confident men living our lives openly. But being gay is just one aspect that defines us and that is whom we love. First, we would say that we are human. And we are normal and just like all people we crave love and affection, happiness and laughter. We try to navigate through this life trying to leave a positive impression. But also just like that, we are put under the gay umbrella of stereotypes and some are true and some or not for us. Like all gay men are flamboyant, theatre-loving, fashionable, carb-free neat lisping people. Most of the stereotypes are bs. And that is why everyone has to blow up the internet with diverse couples so that all people that identify themselves in our community feel like they are represented.

What are your thoughts?

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