Staycation at Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok (Hotel Review)

There are never enough vacations, and since this year we again fail to travel abroad, we decided to relax in hotels around Bangkok. Staycations became popular a few years ago, but it is now more relevant than ever in Thailand. Almost all of our friends constantly advise each other on hotels for a good and safe pastime in the city itself. And since we have not been downtown for a long time, we decided to book Siam @ Siam Design Hotel Bangkok for three days and are now ready to tell you how it was!

Siam @ Siam Design Hotel Bangkok is a great accommodation choice in the downtown area of Bangkok. However, locals can come here to rest from stress since it has everything for good quality time without going anywhere far. There are many things to see and to do around. For example, if you are looking for a cultural program, then there is the Bangkok Art and Culture Center within walking distance. For shoppers, you will find popular malls Siam Paragon, MBK, Siam Square, and Siam Discovery nearby. But let’s get back to the hotel to check the room we stayed!

Grand Club Room

We stayed in the Grand Club Room and the first thing that amazed us was the spaciousness. Large dressing room, many mirrors, spacious bathroom, rain shower, and the room itself has a ceiling to floor view over Bangkok. In addition, the bed is striking in its size and comfort. We also enjoyed having in our room a Nespresso coffee machine and a Marshall bluetooth speaker.

Due to the design-related concept of the hotel, there are many artworks to be found in the room. Even the wall behind the bed was decorated with special artsy installations. We were lucky enough to stay in a large room, so we also had a sofa, a table with a view from the window, and several areas to work or just relax.

Since our goal was to spend the most amount of our time in a hotel room, there was always enough space for us. During these three days of rest, we, however, went out several times around to buy clothes, and also to visit one of our favorite Japanese restaurants.

Breakfast & Chim Chim Restaurant

Luckily for us, there was a very attractive restaurant Chim Chim on the ground floor of the hotel. We went out several times for cocktails as well as Italian food. We liked the food very much and the staff in the restaurant are very friendly.

In the same restaurant guests of the hotel have breakfast. We were offered two options – bring it to the room or come to the restaurant for breakfast. And since we were staying two nights, we decided to try both options. You can see pictures of the in-room breakfast below in this blog post.

The breakfast itself was great. Immediately, we noted that the coffee was fresh, which is the most important factor for us. We were offered several options for breakfast to choose from, and in the end, we settled on Asian and American breakfasts to try different ones. When Aon saw my American breakfast, he immediately told me that he is going to order the same one on the second morning at the hotel. He said this because the American version is striking in its variety and size. Well, judge yourself by the photographs. We will only mention that we ate it all!

Again, the restaurant is very spacious and therefore even a few photographers will feel comfortable taking photos at the same time. We are usually shy to take shots in front of restaurant customers, but as you can see, in the Chim Chim restaurant we took a lot of pictures without shame.

Chim Chim Restaurant is very photogenic, by the way! The second floor of the restaurant will be especially a real discovery for any Instagrammers because there are many corners for any kind of picture.

Infinity Swimming Pool

The swimming pool with a view of the city deserves special praise. It is very beautiful to meet the sunset, and there are sun loungers and a bar where you can order drinks.

We came here in the evening and temperature and surround was just perfect. At first there were a few people but they left around 6 pm leaving us the whole infinity swimming pool!

Many Photo Angles

As we already wrote, we spent most of the time in our hotel room, so we had a good fun with the camera. In three days at the hotel, we managed to shoot so many different photos, so in this review we wanted to show how fun and beautiful you can spend time right in the middle of Bangkok!

In-Room Breakfast

Remember, at the beginning of our review, we said that tomorrow you can order your breakfast in your room or have breakfast at the Chim Chim restaurant. On our last day, we ordered breakfast in the room, because we wanted to take pictures for Instagram, as many bloggers do. As a result, they brought us breakfast in plastic boxes. But we still took some photos for you to see!

Perfect Staycation

Summing up, we will say that we were surprised how great it is to enjoy your own city! We were lucky to book a room at a time when Bangkok was almost empty and we were able to visit all of our favorite places in the Siam area. In addition, the pool, stunning view from the window and great food made our three days feel like a real vacation that we will definitely remember for a long time!

Thank you for reading so far! We hope our Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok review was helpful to you! Let us know what do you think in the comments. It also will mean the world to us if could share this review on your social media. We thank you in advance for any support!

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