Eating Flowers At Baan Wasunthara Farm (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Baan Wasunthara Farm is a unique place where you can come to have amazing cuisines made out of flowers. The idea to follow such a unique concept came from the owner Mr. Wilas Julakal. The 57-year-old chef created Sustainable Organic Self-sufficiency on his 2 hectares of land near Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Many people did not believe in him, but right now, his restaurant, which serves only one table per day, is booked every day. 

Located on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, this peaceful place is where you can run away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We like the idea of spending at least half-day as we said the concept of this place is to enjoy nature while eating healthy cuisines. It worked for us. We spent an afternoon in the shade of the trees enjoying nature and yummy food.

The menu can be different each time but some signature dishes are served every time. For example, the signature starter “Miang Kham”. This snack is entertaining as well since guests are wrapping small pieces of coconut, lime, chili pepper, dried shrimp, mango, and red onion with a special sauce inside the leaf. The addition to traditional “Miang Kham’ is petals were served as wrapping vegetables.

Another signature dish was Khao Yam (Thai-style rice salad, Southern Thai food). A mix of healthy red and black rice, beans, sprouts, roasted coconuts, shrimp, colorful edible flowers with lots of herbs with a special sauce. It was interesting to experience eating flowers in dishes. Overall it reminds you of salad with a bit drier texture but since Thai cuisines have lots of nice flavored sauces, altogether it worked very well.

We loved the food, all flavors and spices were perfectly balanced. Every cuisine looked so pretty and it took us some time to appreciate the flower decorations before actually eating.

Mr. Willat speaks English well and guests can ask him questions about his life, gardening, and, of course, his food. He is charming and friendly

As we said earlier, the flower menu changes according to the season. Altogether Mr. Wilas Julakal has about ten different dishes. The meal course includes around 5-6 dishes. All are made from organic flowers, fresh vegetables, and different rice varieties. Some items, like fish, are seasonal. By the way, the owner doesn’t cook meat but sometimes he uses seafood ingredients like salty shrimps. However, vegan and vegetarian options are available by request, simply inform them during your booking.

Desserts, drinks, fruits, and flower-infused water are all included in the set. We had a butterfly pea herbal drink and later a mango smoothie. Additionally, we ate a traditional Thai dessert – banana in coconut milk.

If you want to visit Wasuntara Farm, you need to make a reservation. Don’t forget they serve only one table a day. There is no difference if you come with a group of people or alone, it’s always only one table per day available. Also, you need to plan to spend here a half day, enjoying the concept of slow life in the Thai countryside.

Location: Google Maps
Address: 215 Village No. 2, Tambon San Sai Luang, Amphoe San Sai, Chiang Mai Province
Phone: +66850372509
Booking: Facebook page

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