Unique Buddhist Temple With No Analogs In The World: Loha Prasat In Bangkok, Thailand

What is the most unique place you have been to?

We finally had the opportunity to visit this stunning Loha Prasat, Wat Ratchanatdaram Worawihan. Let’s figure out why this place is so unique.

Although most tourists flock to Wat Arun and The Grand Palace, we decided to start showing the places that travelers might be interested in during their Bangkok adventure.

The pagoda behind us is called Loha Prasat and it is located in the famous Bangkok temple Wat Ratchanatdaram Worawihan. This place is amazing and one of a kind.

Loha Prasat, which can be translated from Thai as an iron castle or iron monastery, is a unique Buddhist construction that has no analogs in the world. At one time in the world, to be more precise in India and Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, there were two other similar architectural structures, but both have not survived to this day, which makes Loha Prasat the pearl of any bucket list.

The building behind us consists of five towers and three levels of multi-tiered structure, each of which you can see 37 large black iron spears. The multi-tiered 36-meter high structure consists of 3 levels, the bottom one has 24 spires, the middle one 12, and the top-level has 1 spire. The 37 spires represent 37 virtues that are required to reach enlightenment.

Many sources say that the design of Loha Prasat was borrowed from Burma, although this design was built from blueprints for an old temple from Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. The construction of this conception began in the early 19th century during the reign of King Rama III. This temple has been part of the UNESCO heritage since 2005.

Despite its uniqueness, this place is not crowded. When we arrived, only a few people were wandering around this wonderful pagoda. We would recommend visiting this place early in the morning or during the golden hour. There is another amazing Golden Mount temple nearby, so you can easily combine both places in one adventure.

What do you guys think? We hope our posts will inspire your future travels in amazing Thailand!

📍 Location: Google Map
🏠 Address: 2 Maha Chai Rd, Wat Bowon Niwet, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200
🕒 Hours: Everyday, 9AM–5PM

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