Momiji Specialty Coffee – Japanese Garden Cafe In Bangsaen Area

If you miss Japan but going abroad is still inconvenient, coming to a Japanese-style garden cafe “Momiji Specialty Coffee” in the Bangsaen area may be one of the best choices near Bangkok. The place got a lot of attention from local bloggers and coffee hoppers who come to sip matcha or coffee, buy souvenirs, and take photos like they are in Japan. We had no choice but to go and see it ourselves!

The Momiji Cafe area is divided into a cafe, a takoyaki shop, and a teriyaki fish dessert. The atmosphere is very Japanese: decorated in warm tones, emphasizing natural light wood colors. The decorations in various corners, including many signs in the Japanese language, make it look like you are shopping in a Japanese confectionery store. There are corners for taking pictures, including a little pond, a post office, and a few different seating setups. 

Another highlight is the zebra crossroad in the middle of the road that imitates a street in Osaka. There were a few people when we came around lunchtime on Friday. However, “Momiji Specialty Coffee” is quite spacious, so we felt comfortable walking around and taking photos without disturbing other guests.

The menu focuses on Japanese drinks and sweets. The signature menu focuses on a mixture of various matcha teas, Japanese mochi, coffee, and photogenic desserts. We were impressed with a Pickachu cake and Hokkaido Chocolate Coconut Cake, a coconut shape dessert made of chocolate.

The outside is decorated as a Japanese-style garden with a red bridge above the stream with the fish. You would feel like you are in the middle of a Japanese garden. 

Overall, it’s a very adorable Japanese garden-style cafe. There are a lot of beautiful indoor and outdoor photo spots. The atmosphere is very relaxing, drinks are refreshing and cakes are very Instagramble! Sounds good? Worth it to stop by!

More information about Momiji Specialty Coffee

Location: 49/9 Moo 5, Khao Lam Road, Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang District
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 8 AM – 6 PM, Friday – Sunday: 8 AM – 6:30 PM 
Phone: 086 339 9545
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