Coffee Hopping in Bangkok 2020: Beakers, Rats, Lab Coats

Cafe hopping culture in Thailand is stronger than ever after the current situation made it harder to travel around the country. We decided to explore our city as Bangkokians and went to this new hip coffee shop with a funny name “BEAKER and BITTER”.

The main concept of this place is built around the lab theme. The owners transformed the pharmaceutical factory “New York Chemical in 1967” into one of the most interesting cafes and working spaces we have ever seen in Bangkok.

“BEAKER and BITTER” designed in gray-white tones with a lot of cozy spots around. The place is perfect for the new situation as there is plenty of space, as well as additional rooms with just a few tables in each.

The prices for Bangkok aren’t the lowest for a cup of coffee but the drinks aren’t average either. First of all, they serve coffee in scientific lab glassware hence the name Beaker to match the store’s theme. Secondly, the taste of the coffee is well-balanced and at the same time, the flavor is unique. It also wasn’t too sweet as it can often be in Thailand.

We had the signature drinks off the menu. First was “RIP”, which stands for Rose In Peach, a black coffee mixed with roses and peaches. And the second coffee was called “Black & White” with whip cream balls on top of it. Another interesting flavor with an unusual taste.

This shop low-key has a funny game with customers. There are fake lab rats hidden all around the cafe, which you can exchange for a free drink at the counter. Aon managed to find one of the rats, and we had an extra peach tea for free. It was refreshing but too sweet for us.

Other than that, the staff is friendly and helpful. There may be many people taking photos at the same time but there is a lot of space to just chill and relax while waiting for your turn (Instagrammers, can you relate?). The baristas are doing small presentations for each new order, so there will be no time to get bored.

We had no chance to try desserts but they look good and displayed creatively. There weren’t any foreigners when we came but sure the place can be useful for some of the digital nomads as “BEAKER and BITTER” offer to rent a meeting room for a very friendly price in a hip and chill area of Bangkok.

So go check it out to live out your Mad Scientist or Frankenstein dream come to life. Caffeine included. I would say the experiment was fun with a side of weird.

📍 Location:
🏠 Address: 4 Sai Lom 1 Alley, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400 (BTS Ari)
☎️ Phone: 082 989 6946
🕒 Time: 9.00 am – 10.00 pm

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