Exploring Pilleh Lagoon & Viking Cave Phi Phi Island

Pileh Lagoon and Viking Cave are the gems of the Phi Phi archipelago. It is not as popular as Maya Bay, but if you take an excursion to Phi Phi from Phuket or organize a boat trip to the key locations, you most likely will be brought here. And after months without tourists, nature here looks outstanding. Jump on a boat and see it yourself in our new blog post!

Pileh Lagoon is a deep bay with bright blue water, surrounded by high sheer cliffs. Interestingly, the depth of the sea in the lagoon reaches 20 meters, while at the entrance to the lagoon it is only one and a half, the reason this was a tectonic fault formed after an earthquake, during which a gas pocket located under the bottom of the lagoon collapsed.

Pileh Lagoon is a lagoon that is located near the island of Phi Phi Lei, it is known as “the deepest lagoon in Thailand”. Thais also call it a secret “lagoon of rejuvenation”, because it was formed due to ruptures of the earth’s crust 40,000,000 years ago. Thais believe that useful substances come out of the ground that rejuvenates the body (they are saturated with various microelements and minerals), and the water in this lagoon is saltier than in the sea. There is a belief that if you swim in the waters of the lagoon, you will get younger. You can also swim in shallow water if you, for example, are with children. An adult will be up to the waist.

The height of the rocks encircling the lagoon is over 100 meters. Unfortunately, no photo, neither from above nor from below, will convey this scale – you need to feel it yourself.

Unlike the Maya Bay, which faces the sea with a very wide entrance throat, you find yourself along an elongated oblong channel surrounded by rocks in some places only 35-40 meters wide.

Transparent, turquoise, warm sea! Very beautiful, rich, contrasting views of the underwater world. We saw a lot of fish here.

Just before you enter Pileh Lagoon, there will be Viking Cave which is a very original and quite atmospheric place.

Viking Cave (Viking Cave on Phi Phi) is one of the attractions of Phi Phi Leh island, part of the group of islands of the same name. You will not get inside the cave, since the locals protect it from tourists. The reason is Edible-nest swiftlet nest there. The bowl of soup using their nests in Asian countries can cost upwards of $100. And the eggs of Edible-nest swiftlet can cost tens of thousands of dollars as well.

According to the local people, barbaric people live in the cave and they are not very happy with guests, which makes it even more interesting and gives a certain mystery.

If you are on the island of Phi Phi, be sure to take a look at this cave, although you should not expect anything unusual.

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